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First of all i would like to welcome You at our server and ask for a bit patience while playing. Server is still fresh and under development, but i am doing my best to fix the most important issues. Ok, that’s enough of bla bla let’s back to the topic. Everyone who would like the begin the journey at UnitedGamers should talk with npc “Tarti” and finish all the quest she have.

The quest: Path of Destiny Proving should give you a good custom armor and weapon which are more than enough to finish first exalted.

The next steps are in town of Aden at npc called Herphah, his quests are not difficult, but takes a bit longer than the begginer missions from Tarti. Everyone who follow his quest will recive some bonuses and acess to first exalted quest which is one of most important quest for new players. By complete the Exalted Quest in Heine everyone will recive very good enchanted Armor, Weapon and Jewelery.

If you recive the weapon which you do not like, please exachange it in Heine at npc “Lionel Hunter”

Exalted weapon can be upgraded at head blacksmith Ferris in town of Aden. If the weapon is enchanced bring it to UnitedGamers which can be found in Gludio near Tarti and exchange it to better version.

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    Aria May 11, 2021 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    Website is still under develompemnt.

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