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    Forum is made only for patreon and tutorials, i am not looking for more work so i can’t make it open for everyone, because it will require my moderation and i do not want to spend time on the things where is not so important. I need to finish website and focus on in-game issues.


    At this moment we do not have patreon system active, but in around 1 month should be active. For who it is dedicated and what it will give?

    I would like to keep the server free from pay to win without donation which is affecting on gameplay, also i do believe, that some people with good real life situation would like to have the same server and they are willing to pay any amount of monthy donation so i have decided to create patreon mechanizm.

    Patreon status will not give any item in game which gives any kind of boost. No exp scrolls, no buffs, no special item or special power, the only thing what it’s gonna give are:

    – Gold nickname in game
    – Color rank in discord server
    – Possibility to change character name, clan name, gender without any limit
    – Special aura (something like hero aura)
    – Appearance shop

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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