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Read before download

     Playing at our server is completly free, also the game is seted up the way, that people are able to get everythink what they need without spending real money on it. It means, that players are not obligated to pay anything and they have no rights to demand anything from us. If someone don’t accept that rule, he is not one of our friends and should not enter the server.

     While registering at our server please do not use any sensitive data eg: bank password or password used in e-mail. Our website is encrypted with one of the most used and popular encryption, but it doesn’t mean, that the connection is protected they same way as the official or bank websites are. We do not take responsibility for any data leak.

     One of the most important rule is a short information which clearly says, that if you are going to treat us and other players fair, you gonna be treated the same way, if you can’t do it and will do things which are generaly not allowed we won’t argue with that attitude, just send you away of our kindergarden. It’s a private server made for the friends and friends of theirs friends and we demand a respect from each other.

   Queen Ant 2 – game client – Game files which everyone is able to download for free from the official website. If you would like to test the game before decide to play at extremaly low rate official server, download it and test the game at our private kindergarden. Those files are not shared by our team.

     UnitedGamers.exe – Game updater which help you download the necessary files – save it inside primary game folder and run it, in case if downloading wont process use option check files. This program wasn’t made by us, we paid for it as many other private server did before us. App comes from trusted seller, but we do not take responsibility for it, so if you don’t trust that aplication download l2.ini directly and uznip it inside folder system then run game by l2.exe

     Patch.zip – custom folder system (not needed if you using updater). A pack of files which are necessary to play at our server, those files wasn’t made by our developers, but it comes from trusted people and many of the private servers are using them. Place the patch inside primary game folder and unzip it. To run game need to enter inside folder system and run l2.exe

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