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Privacy Policy       

    European Union law demands from website admin to inform every visitoris about privacy policy, so politely i would like to tell you, that if you care much about your common and public informations, like:      

    Public ip address, e-mail address while registered on website or cookies (temporary data needed for full funcionality of the wbesite) which you and almost every internet user download at every website just by visiting them, you are not obligated to register on our website, you do not need to comment our posts or even visit this website.

    Also i would like to tell you, that we do not collect and do not share any data with anyone else. Everythink is stored at database created by one of most popular Content Management System, wordpress which is stored at dedicated server hosted in one of best hosting provider in Europe, Hetzner. We are using Windows Server 2019 which is protected by it’s own firewall and the connection between you and website is usig a SSL certificate which is incrasing security of the data.

    If you do not like it, please immedietialy leave from this website and pure a browser cache. If you already have account you can delete it by login to account manager and delete your account. Basicly thats it, i do believe that you understand it.