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Golden Altar of the Isle of Souls is a session hunting zone for characters level 107-120.

You can only get to the zone via the session zones interface. There is no other way to get to the zone. The session zone is located on the Isle of Souls, however it’s impossible to get there by foot. The basic hunting time is 60 minutes and reset every 12 hours The time can be extended by 60 min every 12 hours You can extend the time with Golden Altar’s Time Stone , which can be recieved from Throne of Heroes or daily calendar.

PvP is available in the zone.

It’s impossible to leave the island through teleportation.

At our server that zone was boosted drasticly and become one of the most important zone. For example you can recive Shinning Aden Treasure Chest which contains a lot of R110 weapon and armors. Those items are crystalizable and gives a lot of additional profits.

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