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Having entered the material world at Shilen’s command, Triol began to lay out his plans to create a massive army and complete the sacrifice necessary for Shilen’s resurrection. He approaches the Orcs by transforming into an avatar of their god Pa’agrio. Under the guise of resurrecting the Orc kingdom, he creates the city of Gainak and prepares his massive army

Battle zone in Gainak

Most of the time, the village is a peaceful zone. However, sometimes it turns into a battle zone. It’s then when PvP is possible in Gainak. When the village becomes a battlefield, fire starts raging in it. If you see the fires, it means the village is in PvP state. Besides, there’s also a system message saying the state of the village has been changed.

Everyone who would like to increase his pvp defence definietly should visit this area regullary. The siege lasts 1 hour and is repeated every 2-3 hour. The zone at our server is a bit different than the official one and contain monsters also outside of the fort. They spawn randomly around the area, so if you don’t see them inside, please check outside and kill them. Also the area contain a 4 little bosses which have much better chance to drop Dark Armor Stones, hunt them regullary.

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