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Superion Fortress – Is a boosted high level zone dedicated to a party. Everyone who would like to get Crystal of Dyes for powerfull Tatto definietly should visit this dangerous, but beautifull place. Monsters living at this area will provide materials needed to craft Dragon Weapon lvl 1. Also there is a daily quest which will deliver for everyone a pack of additional materials and other supply. Monsters level 112-114

How to get into the Superion Fortress hunting zone

The Superion Fortress is located above the Town of Giran and in fact it’s a huge ship of the Giants race, which is divided into a party hunting zone and the Raid zone: Helios. You can get to the zone by talking to the NPC Kekropus. The zone is a vast territory with lots of rooms and corridors. There are giants of different types in the rooms: archers, mystics, fighters. As you move on further into the fortress, the mobs become stronge. At the entrance to Superion Fortress you will find Histie, giving quests for the supply.

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