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    Golden Altar

    7 June 2021 , by Aria

    Golden Altar of the Isle of Souls is a session hunting zone for characters level 107-120. You can only get to the zone via the session zones interface. There is no other way to get to the zone. The session zone is located on the Isle of Souls, however it’s impossible to get there by foot. The basic hunting time is 60 minutes and... Read more

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    Gainak Siege

    7 June 2021 , by Aria

    Having entered the material world at Shilen’s command, Triol began to lay out his plans to create a massive army and complete the sacrifice necessary for Shilen’s resurrection. He approaches the Orcs by transforming into an avatar of their god Pa’agrio. Under the guise of resurrecting the Orc kingdom, he creates the city of Gainak and prepares his ... Read more

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    Dragon Weapons lvl 1

    4 June 2021 , by Aria

    Superion Fortress – Is a boosted high level zone dedicated to a party. Everyone who would like to get Crystal of Dyes for powerfull Tatto definietly should visit this dangerous, but beautifull place. Monsters living at this area will provide materials needed to craft Dragon Weapon lvl 1. Also there is a daily quest which will deliver for ever... Read more

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    The Beginning

    11 May 2021 , by Aria

    First of all i would like to welcome You at our server and ask for a bit patience while playing. Server is still fresh and under development, but i am doing my best to fix the most important issues. Ok, that’s enough of bla bla let’s back to the topic. Everyone who would like the begin the journey at UnitedGamers... Read more

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