1 - Playing on our server is completly free and the game is seted up the way you are able to get everythink what you need without spending real money on it. This means, that you are not obligated to pay anything and you have no rights to demand anything from us. If you don't accept it, please do not register on our server.

2 - While registering on our server please do not use any sensitive data eg: bank password or password used in email. Our website is encrypted, but it doesn't mean that it is protected as the official or bank websites. We do not take responsibility for data leak.

3 - The last most important rule is a short information, that if you will treat us and other people fair, you gonna be treated fair, if you can't do it and will do things which are generaly not allowed we won't argue with you, just send you away of our server. It's a private server made by player for another players and we respect each other.

more rules will be added soon...