Our server can be placed in a category of medium rate servers what means that it is 10 times easier than the official server. Keep in mind, that the x10 rates are just one of the plenty of settings which makes our server how it is. We have provided a fully independent and custom ways of progression, so it is not really possible to describe the server with just one rate. The main goal is to provide for every player a fast early game what means in maximum a month every player should be able to get 60% of possible equipment a bit harder medium game what is 3 months playing to gain 85% of the possible power and hard end game what is atleast a year of normal playing 2-3 hours a day to be able reach the maximum and every possible equipment.

Our dream is to create a place where everyone will find something what he likes. We are aware of, that is not possible to satisfy everyone, so we will focus on what we are able to do best what means, that the people who are really tired of endless pay to win at official servers will fits perfect here. But this is not everythink, people who appreciate stability and long terms servers without corruption with an active admin and updated files will find a home at our server for sure. Our server is not aiming to be the biggest one, so people who don't really enjoy on playing at overpopulated world are welcome. It's not a typicial pvp server, but we will have a lot of things for which you need to fight.

The answer is very simple and obvious, definitely yes. Without being able to pay for the server for years We wouldn't even open it. The people who work on server are mature and already experienced, not only as a players, but also as a owner's of theirs own company's in real life. We do understand how important is to be fair and maximum transparency, so the server contain only 1 person with permissions to database and direct access to the files. All the other peoples involved in to the project are just people who decided to support the ideas of server admin and helping him to create a nice and stable server for everyone, a server without "pay to win" mechanic what in our opinions the biggest harms to the game.

We are using a paid version of the java files what is a guarantee, that the source is updated and free from critical bugs. Our admin is an active member of the project and his work is regullary added to the source. Our files are working at a strong dedicated machine hosted in one of the biggest hosting provider in Poland.